Forest School Training

Forest School Leader Training where it belongs - In the Woods!

Greenbow Training believes there are no short cuts to learning how to be a top quality Forest School Leader.

We strive to build the belief and confidence of our trainees so that they can genuinely, and permanently, change the lives of the children in their care. This can only be achieved by developing a true understanding of innate child development. The experience of our training is unforgettable. Steeped in the atmosphere of a natural woodland environment. The sense of community, and friends you make during the training, also have longterm benefits.

We offer training both in the UK, in and around London, and abroad. We endeavor to travel to your location. Recently we have trained in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Brazil. Visit our Greenbow International page.

Presently Patrick Harrison and the Greenbow team are offering training for those wishing to become Forest School leaders (level 3) or assistants (level 2).

Patrick's book "Making Woodland Crafts" is available to order.



Forest School Training Overseas

We are offering more and more training overseas these days. Patrick Harrison and the Greenbow team have delivered level 2 and level 3 training in Spain and Portugal, and Forest School introduction courses in Switzerland and Brazil. We are particularly interested in developments overseas, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering offering training courses in your country. We always like to explore ways to make this possible.


PORTUGAL - Level 2 and 3 First School Training



SPAIN - Level 2 and 3 First School Training


BRAZIL - An Introduction to Forest School