Forest School Training

Forest School Leader Training where it belongs - In the Woods!

Greenbow Training believes there are no short cuts to learning how to be a top quality Forest School Leader.

We strive to build the belief and confidence of our trainees so that they can genuinely, and permanently, change the lives of the children in their care. This can only be achieved by developing a true understanding of innate child development. The experience of our training is unforgettable. Steeped in the atmosphere of a natural woodland environment. The sense of community, and friends you make during the training, also have longterm benefits.

We offer training both in the UK, in and around London, and abroad. We endeavor to travel to your location. Recently we have trained in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Brazil. Visit our Greenbow International page.

Presently Patrick Harrison and the Greenbow team are offering training for those wishing to become Forest School leaders (level 3) or assistants (level 2).

Patrick's book "Making Woodland Crafts" is available to order.

Level 3 Forest School Practitioners Award

This is  the nationally recognised Forest School Leader Qualification.

Completing this course will qualify participants to devise and run their own Forest school programmes. Greenbow Forest School training is as much an experience as a training course, and launches participants on a journey into the extraordinary realm of outdoor learning. Be prepared to get muddy and have plenty of fun.

Delivered by our trainers, Patrick, Maria and Richard. This is a Level 3 course, aimed at individuals who have a minimum Level 2 qualification in Youth Work, Child Care, Teaching OR relevant experience in working with children.

Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to work with children in the outdoor learning environment by:

  • Fully understanding the potential of woodlands for child learning and development;

  • Integrating the Forest School ethos of process versus product;

  • Exploring ways to plan sessions and programmes for maximum benefit to the children

  • Opening doorways to a wealth of woodland projects and experiences, using natural resources;

  • Learning methods to teach, and facilitate the development of, practical skills such as tool use, fire making, knots and lashings, and erecting tarpaulins;

  • Learning how to carry out activities in an environmentally-sustainable way;

  • Understanding how recent research and development in pedagogy provides a powerful framework both to give a fuller perception of holistic developments and how to identify and record them.

  • Learning practical methods of overseeing health and safety and carrying out risk assessments.

  • Looking at the requirements for effective policies and procedures

  • Learning how to assess the environmental impacts of your programmes.


The training requires a minimum investment of approximately 60 hours of portfolio input, and the delivery of six Forest School sessions for your chosen client group, minimum of two hours each.

Price: £880 including all training, materials, support and certification.

Course Structure:

  1. Initial training week, five days.

  2. Portfolio development: candidates have six months to develop their portfolio and delivering the six Forest school sessions required as evidence.Trainees will be required to organise their ITC first aid training during this period.

  3. Assessment Week, three days

  4. Drop in - we will come and visit you at your site

Three further months are allowed to complete your portfolio if required.


Do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss any aspect of the training!