Forest School Training

Forest School Leader Training where it belongs - In the Woods!

Greenbow Training believes there are no short cuts to learning how to be a top quality Forest School Leader.

We strive to build the belief and confidence of our trainees so that they can genuinely, and permanently, change the lives of the children in their care. This can only be achieved by developing a true understanding of innate child development. The experience of our training is unforgettable. Steeped in the atmosphere of a natural woodland environment. The sense of community, and friends you make during the training, also have longterm benefits.

We offer training both in the UK, in and around London, and abroad. We endeavor to travel to your location. Recently we have trained in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Brazil. Visit our Greenbow International page.

Presently Patrick Harrison is offering training for those wishing to become Forest School leaders (level 3) or assistants (level 2).  

Patrick's book "Making Woodland Crafts" is available to order.


Patrick Harrison

Through his personal struggles as a child bewildered by schooling, Patrick has developed a passion for alternative learning processes. For many years he has recognised the vitally important role of creativity in education, as a tool for develop flexibility in thinking, confidence and self esteem. Due to his own experience and the witnessing of others, he has also developed a thorough understanding of the impact of doing, playing and deep level learning on all areas of development as a catalyst for fundamental and lasting change.

Patrick’s background is in creative expression, through painting, graphic design and environmental arts. He taught reflexive art classes for many years, and drumming and rhythm in schools and with adults with special needs. This has given him a grounding in awareness of how the body offers a memory of its own, independent of cognitive processes, and the reality of collective intelligence, fundamentally linked to deep level learning.

Patrick has also used the building of structures in the outdoors, primarily Celtic roundhouses, as an inspirational platform for education and holistic development. It was through this experience, initially, that he found out about Forest Schools, and subsequently trained as a Forest Schools level 3 practitioner. He then spent many years setting up and delivering Forest Schools in mid Wales.

As a full time level 4 Forest School trainer he has also trained hundreds of teachers, independent practitioners and other professionals, to deliver Forest School programmes all over the UK.